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Creative Identities

A milieu study in craft and creative professions

With the emergence of the creative industries, the craft sector is also changing. The boundaries between the previously separate areas of creative design and craftsmanship are dissolving, not least due to increasing digitalisation and technologisation. As a result, new practices and occupational profiles have emerged. This is accompanied by a change in professional socialisation and the emergence of new identities, which are located between design and production.

From an interdisciplinary perspective between the social sciences and design research, this study examines on the one hand how the new occupational profiles and professional identities are emerging in the crafts and design of the 21st century. On the other hand, it examines how occupational identities are formed or negotiated in the creative professions in the area of conflict between generation, occupational ideals and economic reality. 

Editors: Stefan Moritsch, Tobias Fock, Julia Pintsuk-Christof, Anna Wanka
Publisher: Velbrück Wissenschaft, Weiterwist 2020; German, 144 pages
ISBN 978-3-95832-203-5

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