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In TransitBuddy the technology for an autonomous vehicle is developed that can be deployed in transportation hubs like train stations or airports. This vehicle eases the transfer of travelers with heavy luggage, especially of those with limited mobility or handicaps. The journey through the building becomes comfortable and save as the vehicle turns into your “Buddy” and leads you to your connections or shops you want to visit. A detailed collection of user requirements is performed to form a solid foundation for further research. Considering the special conditions in the given infrastructure and the goal of added transfer mobility, this research focuses on all the technological aspects like design, construction, positioning, determination of the environmental conditions, navigation, locomotion and aspects of usability. The results will be used to develop a concept for the later development of system. This concept is then evaluated for usability in a transport hub of the future, either by simulation or through field studies.

bkm design working group, 2014

Fritz Pernkopf, Stefan Moritsch

Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, netwiss, TU Wien - IKTL, ACIN, ÖBB-Infrastruktur, DS Automation GmbH

Time frame
9.2012 - 12.2014

Link: Animation

This project was supported by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) within the framework of the program "IV2Splus - Intelligent Transport Systems and Services plus".

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