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postprodukt is an initiative of the five Viennese design offices Vandasye, Studio Dankl, mischer’traxler, Robert Rüf Industrial Design  and bkm design working group that aims to  combine competences such as product, service, and communication design, the teaching of  design, and research and to make contributions  to current problems in design.

Our common interest is to explore an expanded concept of design. As the name indicates (postprodukt = after the product, or beyond traditional product design and industrial design), we ask which topics and tasks are making their mark on contemporary design, what questions are relevant, and what role we designers play in our mostly transdisciplinary projects.

postprodukt also stands for the liberty that designers must take to critically question their own discipline, to introduce new concepts even if they haven’t been scientifically proven (yet), and as project makers to take the risk of generating new findings and/or failing as they make.


Editor: postprodukt (Kathrina Dankl, Katharina Mischer & Thomas Traxler, Stefan Moritsch, Robert Rüf, Georg Schnitzer, Peter Umgeher), 2019

Design: vandasye

Publisher: New Design University Privatuniversität GesmbH

ISBN: 978-3-9503515-5-2

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